Vision & Values

Church Pillars

In 2012, as we looked toward opportunities to grow our church family, we conducted a working/visioning session with our membership to identify those elements that we value most as a church body.  We were not prescriptive with our process – we did not restrict the discussion to categories such as programs, culture,  spiritual growth, etc.; we just asked people what is most near and dear to their hearts at First Christian Church Lewisville.  After much brainstorming, discussion, and a few prioritization/ranking exercises, we selected six “pillars” that include areas we believe we can leverage and build upon as we seek new members and work to make our community more aware of our spiritual and fellowship offerings (items 1, 2, 3, & 5); we also included areas where we have programs and efforts in place, yet we have significant opportunities for further growth and evolution (items 4 & 6).   The pillars identified by our members are listed below, in priority order:

  1. Caring for Others
  2. Sunday School/Bible Study
  3. Culture of Acceptance & Inclusion (i.e., divergent thoughts/ideas/perspectives)
  4. Outreach (to non-members/community)
  5. Sunday Worship
  6. Church Partnerships (both ecumenical and with our sister Hispanic congregation)