Our Story

Who We Are

First Christian Church of Lewisville is a loving, dedicated church located in a suburb of Dallas, Texas with a membership of 180.  We have 80 active members who enthusiastically participate in various church programs and events, with an average Sunday worship attendance of 50+.  We are currently enjoying our 47th year of ministry in the community, with a membership of diverse age groups, ethnic backgrounds, and prior church affiliations.  One of the hallmarks of our church is a loving and open spirit, as we graciously and passionately welcome all who enter our doors.

Members of First Christian Lewisville are encouraged to be true to our faith through active and open discussions during which participants enjoy the freedom to express ideas and opinions while respecting the theological viewpoints of others.  We foster a culture of acceptance and inclusion, and we appreciate and often celebrate our diversity.  We are also intergenerational in nature, with our youngest members, whose ages range from eight to 16 years, regularly participating in our worship services and fellowships.  They know they are cherished as a vital part of our church family.