About Us

First Christian Lewisville is very healthy spiritually and experiences a high degree of love, fellowship and respect among our members. For many, our sanctuary is a safe place to share concerns and ask for prayers during worship, while others concerns are distributed through our prayer chain.  First Christian Lewisville also has a deep commitment to studying and reflecting upon biblical and cultural issues. At our Bible Study on Wednesday evening, a group of 25 people regularly fellowship over an evening meal followed by an in-depth study and animated discussion of the Bible. We also provide a weekly Bible Study at Renaissance Village, a nearby retirement community.  This joyous gathering of study, hymns, and communion has 10 regular attendees and is growing!  In addition, we have robust participation in our three adult Sunday school classes and one youth class, with attendance approximating 50% of Sunday worship.

First Christian Lewisville also has a variety of regular fellowship events that are well attended and well loved.  For example, on the second Saturday of each month, members gather for dinner at a local restaurant and then meet at the church for a fun filled evening of dominos.  This event started as a small group in the homes of our members a number of years ago and has grown into an event that generally has 25-30 participants and is truly a central part of the church fellowship.  We call it “Meet & Eat.”

First Christian Lewisville reaches out to the community through active participation in Christian Community Action, the local interdenominational outreach and benevolence ministry, as well as other community programs. We are delighted to sponsor a summer lunch program for area children called “Kids Eat Free.”  Our members make donations of money and food items, and a dedicated group of our ladies prepare meals for the children each week to ensure they enjoy the same nourishment during the summer that they have during the school year.  We also enthusiastically provide a tithe back to God’s community through regular monthly donations to six different church and community organizations.

We are also privileged to share our spiritual space with an energetic and growing Hispanic Disciples congregation, 1ra Iglesia Cristiana.  The Hispanic congregation conducts its services in Spanish and has its own pastor and leadership.  We share several joint fellowships with their membership throughout the year, and they participate in the upkeep of our building and grounds.  We have been delighted to watch this congregation flourish over the past few years, and we are excited about the impact they are making in the spiritual community.

The eldership of First Christian is a strong, wise and loving group of five men and five women who faithfully serve the congregation and make lifetime commitments to this important role. They are dedicated to the spiritual growth of the church, and they actively shepherd and minister to our congregation.