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Welcome to First Christian Church, a place to come as you are and be yourself. We are an oasis of love located in a suburb of Dallas with an open spirit that welcomes all. We foster a culture of acceptance and inclusion, and we appreciate and love to celebrate our diversity. We are located at 880 Fox Avenue in Lewisville, Texas.   See the map below.   Call us at (972) 436-2120 or send an email.


Stewardship Commitment Luncheon This Sunday!

Please remember that our Commitment Sunday luncheon is this Sunday after church! Please bring a dish that goes with spaghetti and meatballs (or perhaps a dessert?). Below is a message from our Stewardship Chair Don Postell:

This Sunday morning, September 25, 2016, we will be asking each member to return a completed stewardship commitment card during our worship service. We will take communion by coming forward and receiving the bread and the cup from the elders. After you have received communion there will be an offering plate on the little harpsichord to place your regular offering in the plate instead of “passing the plate.” We will then pin our commitment cards for 2017 to the large cross also by the harpsichord in the sanctuary. If you will not be in attendance this Sunday feel free to mail your card to the church office or bring it the following week.

Beyond the mechanics of turning in your commitment cards, remember your financial commitments are important to the life of the church. The Board does not set a budget and then ask members to raise that amount but instead uses the commitment cards as a guide for setting the annual budget. The budget tells us what programs and ministries will be continued and what maintenance we will be able to do at our campus. Please consider prayerfully and thoughtfully what commitment God is calling you to makesmall-church-big-heart














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